Financial Math: Quarter 3, Week 3

Monday- Due to some “rabbit chasing” last week, we will pick up at 8.3:  Mutual Funds

Tuesday: 8.3, Continued:  Qualified Plans

Wednesday- 8.4:  Employer Benefits and Retirement Plans

Thursday-  Test Review/ Test

Friday-  Current Events

Financial Math: Quarter 3, Week 2

Well, the weather has certainly done its best to derail us, but we are flexible.

Plans for this week:

Thursday- Section 8.3 Types of Investments

Friday- Section 8.3 continued

Second Semester, Quarter 3, Week 1

This week we will begin our study of investments.

Monday-  Section 8.1- Intro to investments: Investing 101

Tuesday- Section 8.2- Investing 101 Part 2

Wednesday- Section 8.3 Types of Investments

Thursday- Section 8.3 continued

Friday- Current Events

Financial Math, Second Quarter, Week 7 Plans

Monday-  Today, we will calculate how much time Santa can spend at each house on Christmas Eve to deliver presents.

Tuesday- Today, we will look at the financial impact Christmas can have on a personal budget.

Wednesday-  We will pick up our discussion on negotiating.

Thursday-  Negotiating, continued.

Friday- Negotiating, continued.

Financial Math: Second Quarter, Week 1

October 23-October 27

Monday-  Credit Bureaus and Identity Theft

Tuesday-  Test Review, Chapter 4

Wednesday-  Test, Chapter 4

Thursday- Debt to Income Ratios Activity

Friday-  Current Events